Middle Eastern Christianity Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group is devoted to the study of developments within Coptic, Armenian, Chaldean/Assyrian, Syrian, Maronite, and other relevant communities living inside the Middle East or in lands of immigration. The Group covers themes from the early Christian period to the present, encompassing various approaches and subjects. Its aim is to establish an interdisciplinary platform for dialogue among differing approaches and projects and to provide opportunities for scholars to discuss their work in relation to the overall field of the study of religion.

Call for Papers: 

• Middle Eastern Christians mediating their tradition: The Middle Eastern Christianity Group invites paper proposals studying the way Middle Eastern Christians have conveyed and preserved their traditions through various media, both historically and in current times. We encourage analysis of all historical periods, in any locations, whether in the Middle East or in emigrant communities, and relating to all types of media, such as: textual, audio and video, broadcasting, publishing, musical and artistic composition and performance. This panel seeks to encourage participation relevant to television broadcasting among emigrant Middle Eastern Christians, much of which is based in southern California.

• The “Arab Spring” and Middle Eastern Christians: history and responses (for a quadsponsored session with the History of Christianity Section; the Eastern Orthodox Studies Group; and the World Christianity Group): We welcome proposals that examine Christian “minority” religions in the “Arab Spring” and other seasons (historical epochs) of great political and social flux in Egypt, Syria and surrounding areas.

• Eco-spirituality: Middle Eastern Christianity and the environment (with SBL units Syriac Literature and Interpretations of Sacred Texts and Ecological Hermeneutics): We seek proposals on
In accordance with the AAR general theme focusing on religion and climate, we solicit papers that explore themes of ecology and the environment with relation to the traditions of Middle Eastern Christians. Proposals are sought from all historical periods and all types of topics—such as theology of creation, aesthetic expressions, desert reclamation, sacred space, animals—or any concepts relevant to modern discussions of climate.

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