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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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African Association for the Study of Religions

Statement of Purpose: 

The African Association for the Study of Religions is an academic association of the scholars of religions posted in universities in Africa, and of scholars of the religions of Africa posted in universities outside Africa. It was founded at an IAHR (International Association for the History of Religions) conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, in September 1992 for the purpose of promoting the academic study of the religions of Africa more generally through the international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject. The AASR seeks to stimulate the academic study of religions of Africa in a variety of ways: providing a forum for multilateral communications between scholars of African religions; facilitating the exchange of resources and information; encouraging the development of linkages and research contacts between scholars and institutions in Africa, and between scholars in Africa and those overseas. The AASR also endeavors to assist scholars to publish their work and travel to professional meetings. The AASR is an affiliate of the IAHR since 1995. It meets at the IAHR quinquennial congress and organizes conferences in Africa. Its members participate in panels at conferences outside of Africa. The AASR publishes the bi-annual AASR Bulletin and maintains a web site: AASR publishes peer-reviewed an online journal that is available at

Call for Papers: 

This is a call for papers/presentations for four separate sessions. There are two roundtables and two panels. Please see below for details and let us know clearly for which session you are submitting a proposal.

• Relationship of Africa and Israel (Panel)
For this panel we solicit papers that explore the varied ways in which Judaism and Israel have interacted with Africa and African religions. We welcome papers that explore these connections through Biblical, historical, ethnographic or anthropological, theological, or theoretical lenses. Topics may include but are not limited to the ties between Africa and Israel; Ethiopian Jews or other African Jewish populations; the recent phenomenon of asserting Jewishness in countries like Nigeria; the growth of Christian pilgrimages to Israel, the growing use of Israeli and Jewish symbols by Christian ministers in Africa and the African Diaspora; and the influence of religion on African and Israeli relations. This session is a panel with formal papers. Please submit proposals for 15-minute papers.

• Session in Honor of Lamin Sanneh (Panel)
In light of his recent passing, we solicit papers that explore the legacy and impact of Lamin Sanneh. We welcome engagement on a variety of topics including his many books, his approach to the relationship between Islam and Christianity in Africa, his influence in the creation of the field of World Christianity, or reflections on his autobiography. Most especially we request papers that look forward, exploring future possibilities for study emerging from Sanneh’s legacy. This session is a panel with formal papers. Please submit proposals for 15-minute papers.

• Music and Spirituality in Africa (Panel)
Music making in Africa is often derived from religious experience and the belief that the spiritual cosmos responds to and is affected by music. For this panel we solicit papers that explore the relationship between religion and music, broadly conceived. Themes could include but are not limited to the religiosity of popular music; the association of music with life events; the spiritual and symbolic potency of rhythm; dance, music, and spirituality; or, sound as evocative with mystical powers. We encourage presenters to include musical examples in their presentations. This session is a panel with formal papers. Please submit proposals for 15-minute papers.

Author Meets Critics
For a session cosponsored with the Gay Men and Religion Unit and the Religion and Sexuality Unit, ee welcome papers engaging with Adriaan van Klinken’s Kenyan, Christian, Queer: Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa (to be published by Penn State University Press, 2019).

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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