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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Bioethics and Religion Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit offers a unique venue within the AAR for addressing the intersections of religion, bioethics, and health/healthcare related matters. It encourages creative and scholarly examinations of these intersections, drawing on such disciplines as religious and philosophical ethical theory, theology, ethnography, clinical ethics, history, and law. It seeks to undertake this scholarly work by drawing on a variety of perspectives (e.g., Feminist/Womanist/Mujerista, cross-cultural, and interreligious) and to demonstrate the contributions that religious and ethical scholarship can offer to the critical exploration of contemporary bioethical issues.

Call for Papers: 

We invite papers for the following sessions:

• Religious Bioethics and Public Engagement
Because of the public nature of bioethics, religious bioethicists have had more opportunity than most scholars of religion to engage audiences beyond the academy and religious institutions. Along with their secular colleagues, religious bioethicists are part of hospital ethics committees, serve on (and provide testimony to) national bioethics commissions, work as consultants, provide expert testimony in legal cases, and engage the general public through the media (interviews and written pieces in traditional and electronic media). The Bioethics and Religion Unit invites papers about public engagement, especially as it concerns bringing religious norms and discourse into dialogue with religious outsiders, both secular and practitioners of other faith traditions.

• Revolutionary Bioethics: Bioethics, Religion, and International Development
For a possible joint session with the Bioethics and Religion Unit and the International Development and Religion Unit, we seek papers concerning how questions about healthcare, health sciences, and health policy intersect with religious imaginaries in international development settings. In particular, how does bioethical theory and practice emerging from the global south challenge the dominant assumptions of mainstream bioethics? Papers of sufficient quality, including those that we are unable to include on the program, will be considered for inclusion in an edited volume in the Lexington monograph series, Revolutionary Bioethics. Revolutionary bioethics is a new series composed of scholarly monographs and edited collections organized around specific topics that explore bioethical theory and practice through the frameworks provided by feminist ethics, narrative ethics, and virtue ethics, challenging the assumptions of mainstream bioethics in the process. For details on the series see

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection
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