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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Chinese Religions Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit is dedicated to the academic, comparative study of Chinese religions in all forms, both historical and contemporary. The Unit makes every effort to recognize Chinese voices in religious practice as well as scholarship, and applies rigorous standards of linguistic, cultural, historical, and social-scientific understanding to the study of religion in China.

Call for Papers: 

The Chinese Religions Unit invites proposals for paper sessions and panels on the following topics:

• Academic ancestors in the study of Chinese religions
• Buddhist Marxists or revolutionaries
• New anthology on Buddhism and Medicine (Authors Meet Critics panel)
• Islam in pre-modern China / monotheism and “sinicization”
• Vernacularization of religious texts
• Regionalism in Chinese religion
• What is a temple?
• Shamanism across Chinese (and Korean?) history
• Digital humanities in the study of Chinese religions
• 90-minute roundtable on translation and terminology in Chinese religions
• Excavated manuscripts and ancient Chinese religions
• Rethinking the "Pure Land in the Human Realm" (primarily submitting to Buddhism Unit; panelists already lined up)

If you're interested in one of these topics, please contact the co-chairs about it. In preparing proposals, please note that the AAR is encouraging more 90-minute slots, so you might consider organizing panels with that in mind. We also ask that you keep diversity (race, gender, seniority) in mind when putting panels together. We hope to see you in Denver!

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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