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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Christian Systematic Theology Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit promotes new constructive work in Christian systematic theology that is in dialogue with the historical Christian theological traditions on the one hand and with all aspects of the contemporary context on the other — intellectual movements, methodologies, multiple theological and religious perspectives, and ethical/social/political contexts.

Call for Papers: 

The Christian Systematic Theology Unit invites proposals for individual papers or complete panels related to our theme of Freedom / Liberty / Liberation. We invite proposals to consider the nature of freedom, liberty, and liberation, including its foundations, criteria, constituent elements, and limits. In addition to core political and theological discussions, proposals may also be primarily psychological or cultural--although all should, of course, be considered in theological context.
Papers should be constructive or synthetic rather than merely historical or analytical in nature. We especially invite proposals related to the following sub-themes:

• Political religious freedom and its limits
• Current challenges to freedom in global politics and economics
• The relationship between freedom and solidarity in Catholic Social Thought
• The relationship between freedom and the common good
• The “freedom of the Christian”
• Individual freedom in ecclesial context
• Biblical notions of freedom as taken up by various theological traditions
• The nature of divine freedom
• The relationship between divine freedom and human freedom
• Liberation theology’s present tasks
• The relationship between human dignity and human freedom
• Academic freedom and the good of the university
• The nature of freedom itself

The Reformed Theology and History Unit and the Christian Systematic Theology Unit invite paper proposals for a co-sponsored session on the theological legacies of Karl Barth and Jonathan Edwards. We welcome proposals for analytical or constructive (but not purely historical) papers that treat these theologians’ accounts of issues surrounding freedom, liberty, and liberation. We especially welcome proposals that explore what these accounts could contribute to contemporary conversations in theology. We welcome proposals for analytical or constructive papers that treat these theologian’s accounts of freedom. We also especially welcome proposals that explore what these accounts could contribute to contemporary conversations in theology.

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection
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