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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence Unit and Eastern Orthodox Studies Unit

Call for Papers: 

Violence and Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Widespread experiences of unspeakable violence, dehumanization, and terror during the twentieth century—be it on a mass scale under colonial and totalitarian regimes or in more localized spaces of homes and streets—have resulted in a range of responses. Given the atrocities associated with the twentieth-century Assyrian and Armenian genocides, the Bolshevik GULAG regime, and instances where Orthodox teachings, institutions, and structures may be the sources or justifications of violence (eg. gender-based violence, domestic violence, etc.), we welcome proposals for organized panels and individual papers that explore any aspect of violence and atrocity related to Orthodox Christianity. Consideration of theological, ideological, philosophical, ritual, sociological, or artistic responses to radical evil and its resulting trauma (collective or personal) are welcome, as are critical reflections on violence and Orthodox Christianity from comparative and secular perspectives. Examples of topics include: “mundane” and systemic violence, memory and forgetting, witness and testimony, evil, suffering, and personhood; collective and personal responsibility; justice, forgiveness, and reconciliation; resistance and resentment.

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