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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence Unit and SBL Violence and Representations of Violence in Late Antiquity Unit

Call for Papers: 

Religious Violence, Trauma, and Humanity’s Search for Security

Theological ideas, rhetoric, and symbolism are frequently harnessed to justify violent efforts to secure human life and/or to secure a particular group of humans’ desired lifestyle(s). Religious violence can likewise erupt as both a cause and a consequence of the traumas – including, but not limited to, emotional violations, socio-cultural oppressions, and political injuries (both real and imagined) which are experienced by individuals, groups, and even entire societies. Yet experts in trauma studies and security studies rarely convene to discuss the impact of religion on their respective fields together. This panel aims to inspire such a discussion, and is particularly interested in the ways that the categories of “trauma” and “security” are complicated, interrogated, and challenged by the complexities of religious violence. Proposals may discuss historical as well as contemporary concerns, and may be constructed from the perspective of either trauma studies or security studies, or both fields collectively. Broad and creative thinking about the multivalent meanings and representations of “trauma,” “security,” and “religious violence” – as both concrete and existential phenomena – is encouraged and solicited.

Interested members from both AAR and SBL should contact Chase L. Way at

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection
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