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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Contemporary Islam Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

The mission of this Unit is to provide a venue for discussing emerging issues and developments within Muslim societies and Islamic studies during the past 200 years, particularly in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Call for Papers: 

The Contemporary Islam Group is soliciting proposals for the 2019 AAR meeting on any topics related to the study of Islam in the contemporary period. This year we have particular interests in the following topics and would welcome papers or panels on:

● Islam and Borderlands -
We are interested in addressing the fact that the 2019 AAR is situated on a border, and that in recent years, Muslims crossing borders has created acute anxiety in Europe and the United States. We particularly welcome proposals that address Islam and migration, refugee resettlement, the “Muslim Ban,” and the construction and transgression of borders.

● Temporality -
What is so "contemporary" about contemporary Islam? What characterizes the emerging contemporary in Muslim contexts?

● Islam and the Anthropocene -
How are Muslim responding to climate crisis?

● Sexuality, Culture, Activism -
How does sexuality animate new engagements in Muslim public culture?

● Muslim Reflection on Corruption -
How does the fraudulent exercise of power affect Muslim communities? Does contesting certain rhetoric and practices as not just altered but debased help us see more clearly the stakes in shaping Islamic normativity?

● Islam and Athletics/Sports -
How do sports - both popular sports such as soccer and other athletic traditions like zurkhaneh - contextualize the formation of Muslim bodies and publics?

● For a possible co-sponsorship with the Chinese Religions Unit, we are seeking proposals on Islam in China, particularly, but not limited to, the context of recent government suppression of minority Muslims.
The Contemporary Islam Unit is committed to inclusion. Our Unit requires pre-arranged sessions or panel proposals to incorporate gender diversity; diversity of race, ethnicity, and rank are also highly encouraged.

Our Unit seeks to encourage and facilitate dialogue between panelists before, during, and immediately following individual presentations. To this end, it is essential that presenters commit to providing the full text of their presentation for pre-circulation among panel participants by the end of October.

If your proposal gets accepted and you agree to be on the program, we expect you to show up to participate in the Annual Meeting, barring unforeseeable exceptional circumstances. Please note that it is the policy of all Islamic Studies program Units to ban no-shows at the Annual Meeting from the program for the following two years.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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