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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Cultural History of the Study of Religion Unit and Indigenous Religious Traditions Unit

Call for Papers: 

Transforming Categories of “Indigenous” and “World” Religions

Claims to indigeneity have legal, political, economic, and cultural purposes as well as religious and disciplinary ones. This panel focuses on the way these various purposes are served by the construction of “Indigenous” persons and religions, particularly as a category opposed to that of “world religions.” Referring to peoples who do not frequently appear in discussions of indigeneity or whose claims to indigeneity have been denied – the Taíno, Washitaw, Asatru, Lithuanians, and the Makhuwa-speaking people of northern Mozambique – it addresses questions such as: what legal entity has the privilege of granting indigenous status, how does the heritage industry, in the form of cultural museums, construct “past” practices as a commodity, and in what ways do traditional residential and religious patterns, particularly nomadism, provide a paradigm for religious conversion and modernization, especially among peoples whose conversions do not represent a sharp break with “the past” but rather a temporary settling down.

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