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AAR Annual Meeting
Boston, MA
November 18-21, 2017

2017 Annual Meeting Program (PDF)

Preliminary 2017 Annual Meeting Program (MS Word)

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Daoist Studies Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit has been formed as an independent gathering place for the field of Daoist studies and for investigating the religious tradition Daoism and related topics. As we understand it, Daoism is a Chinese religious tradition that has been continually modified and transformed for some two thousand years and is currently in the process of globalization. As here conceived, the field of Daoist studies, historically associated with Sinology, textual study, and Chinese area studies, is now expanding to include other theoretical and methodological approaches — anthropology, archaeology, comparative religious studies, cultural studies, intellectual history, material culture studies, philosophy, sociology, and women’s and gender studies.

Call for Papers: 

This Unit welcomes proposals concerning all aspects of Daoism from any period or geographical area. We request group proposals in the form of papers sessions (3-4 papers, presider, respondent) and panel sessions (4-6 panelists) that cohere thematically, methodologically, chronologically, or by some other means. No individual papers as final submissions, please. However, if you have an individual paper and need help connecting with other scholars to form a panel, please contact the co-chairs. We also encourage applicants to propose innovative formats, such as roundtables, that might enable a group study or extensive discussion, and might take advantage of 90-minute sessions. Questions about various formats and innovative possibilities, as well as help in building traditional paper or panel sessions, may be directed to the co-chairs.

At the 2016 DSG business meeting in San Antonio, interest was expressed in forming a session around the topic of impurity. (If interested, contact Jessey J.C. Choo, Rutgers University,

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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