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AAR Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX
November 19-22, 2016

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Eastern Orthodox Studies Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group focuses on the critical study of the theology, culture, history, and practices of the Eastern Christian churches, including their mutual interaction and engagement with Western Christian and non-Christian groups.

Call for Papers: 

Lived Orthodoxy
We welcome proposals that examine aspects of lived Orthodoxy—rituals and devotional practices, material objects, sacred spaces and places—as they enable lay men and women to express and experience their faith, sustain their Orthodox identities, and often challenge and resist conventional or prescribed understandings of “orthodoxy.” Topics of interest include but are not limited to: icons and saints; commemorative practices; pilgrimage; prayer and liturgy; visions, miracles and the stories they generate; holy sites and objects; clothing. Papers focusing on contemporary case studies grounded in field work are particularly welcome, although historical studies based on the voices and lived religious experiences of lay men and women will also be considered.

The Legacy of Kallistos Ware: Panel Discussion
Metropolitan Kallistos (Timothy) Ware (b. 1934), sometime Spalding Lecturer of Eastern Orthodox Studies at the University of Oxford (1965-2001), is the best known Eastern Orthodox spokesperson in the world. His volume, The Orthodox Church (1963; 2nd Ed. 1993), along with its companion, The Orthodox Way (1979), are perhaps the most widely read books on Eastern Orthodoxy. Yet his legacy is far more extensive and complex than these important publications, including work as a Patristic scholar, theologian, teacher, monastic, ecumenist, bishop, translator and spiritual father. The panel examines this intellectual and spiritual legacy in a critical overview of his central role in the construction of the multiple identities of contemporary Eastern Orthodoxy in the West. Panelists include: Brian Daley, Mark McIntosh, Ivana Noble, and Marcus Plested.

Eastern Orthodox and Wesleyan Communities: Resonances, Parallels, and Connections (co-sponsored with the Wesleyan Studies Group)
We call for papers exploring resonances, parallels, and actual connections between Eastern Christian and Wesleyan Christian traditions. As examples, papers might explore resonances between specific Wesleyan and Eastern Christian theological traditions and spiritual practice, uses of early Eastern Christian sources on the part of the Wesleys and other Wesleyan Christians, parallels in hymnic traditions, and actual instances of collaboration between Wesleyan and Eastern Christian communities.

Christian Approaches to Deification (Theosis): Panel Discussion
(Quad-sponsorship by the Eastern Orthodox Studies, Roman Catholic Studies, Mormon Studies and Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions Groups)
In a pre-arranged session on Christian approaches to deification, invited panelists will speak from within their own traditions--Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Mormon--on what it means to “become like God” and the practices that have emerged in light of the belief in divine-human communion.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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