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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Ecclesiological Investigations Unit and African Association for the Study of Religion

Call for Papers: 

Scripturalization and Orality in/as African Spirituality: A Preface to African Hermeneutics

The African continent is one of the global locations where Christianity is increasing most rapidly. The history of Churches in Africa is contextualized by colonial encounters between European forms of Christianity and varieties of African religions, spiritualities, traditional belief systems. This has produced various strains and adaptations of Christian ecclesiologies that are still emerging, distinctive, and in some instances dominated by traditional practices. While interest in studying enculturated forms of African ecclesiologies and their social, cultural, and political contextualizations enjoys increased study, for example, missiology, African Biblical hermeneutics and translation, African theology and philosophy, or Africana Studies there remain many areas of interest and lines of inquiry. We, therefore, invite papers that focus upon churches in the African context and are also in conversation with African scholars of Christianity whether located in an African country or in its diaspora. Such papers could be theoretical treatments of the church in frameworks and models arising from African experience (e.g., church as family, church and mission in Africa, church and ancestors, etc.), or could be ethnographic studies of ecclesial structures and institutional realities in particular contexts or church communities. We are particularly interested in papers that address poverty, colonialism, the role of women, sexuality, and Christian/Muslim/African Traditional Religion relationships as they relate to the life of the church in Africa.

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