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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Emerging Church, Millennials, and Religion Seminar

Statement of Purpose: 

The Emergent/ing Church has gained tremendous notoriety in both the popular media and among religious people and scholars. This Research Seminar seeks to begin an interdisciplinary discussion about the Emergent/ing Church in light of other cultural and religious shifts like the rise of the "nones" and the shift in religiosity among the millennial generation. To this end we wish to investigate the Emergent/ing Church by bringing together Philosophy of Religion, Practical and Feminist Theology, American Religious History and Sociology of Religion approaches. We seek to explore how this movement is affecting the religious landscape and its potential to change Evangelicalism, the larger movement of Christianity and the Western European and North American religious environs in general. We anticipate the production of an edited volume from the papers produced as a result of this seminar which will provide a critical analysis of the movement from a Religious Studies perspective.

Call for Papers: 

As we enter into the final year of an AAR five-year research track, the Emerging Church, Millennials and Religion Research Seminar seeks papers in the three following areas:

● What Emerges After? The Future of Emerging Christianities -
Some say the Emerging Church is dead, other say it is in the midst of growth and change. We seek papers that explore the future of the Emerging Church and investigate trends and prospects for progressive Christianity. Papers of interest might address issues that Emerging Christianity may or must address, the unfolding shapes and forms that Emerging Christianity may take, and the impacts of the Emerging Church movement on the future of progressive Christianities/Evangelicalism.

● Understanding Religious Changes Happening Today -
The US is in the midst of a significant religious change. The rise of the “nones,” the trumpification of Evangelicalism, the general decline of Christian mainline denominations and Catholicism, and the small but steady increase of non-Christian religions all indicate that the US is in a time of religious transition. We seek papers that attempt to explore and explain these changes, hopefully adding to the theoretical work on religious change.

● Millennials and Their/Our (Non)Religious Futures? -
Millennials are now the largest demographic group in the U.S. Many questions and concerns have been raised regarding the future of religion with Millennials and without Millennials. We seek papers, especially from millennial voices, that explore what the future of religion in the US may look like as the Millennials become an ever more influential force in US culture.

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times
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