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AAR Annual Meeting
Boston, MA
November 18-21, 2017

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Ethics Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This is an established Unit that has served scholars concerned in the field, others interested in the intersection of ethics, and other disciplines within the academy over an extended period of years. We believe it is inconceivable for any comprehensive study of religion to be undertaken without serious attention to the ethical teachings that are an integral part of every known religion. This Unit seeks to serve the AAR by providing a forum for the ethical interests and issues all religious traditions address. We provide the opportunity for intellectual and academic exchange through the discipline of ethics. We encourage younger scholars and work to have a diversity of perspectives and methodologies represented from various religious traditions.

Call for Papers: 

The Ethics Unit’s purpose is to serve scholars who are interested in exploring the field of ethics and its intersections with other disciplines within the academy. The Ethics Unit serves the AAR by providing an intellectual forum and lively academic exchange on the historical, theoretical, methodological, and theological currents in the field of religious ethics. Most importantly, this Unit is committed to highlighting diverse religious traditions, methodologies, and theoretical perspectives in order to probe the possibilities and limits on the future of religious ethics itself.

Our call for papers focuses on the broad issue of vulnerability and vulnerable populations. In particular, we are interested in papers that explore vulnerable populations in relation to questions of power, revolution, democratic virtues, interreligious perspectives of truth and post-truth, and race relations in the Age of Trump.

• Ethical Assessments and Legacies of Revolution (i.e., 500th Anniversary of Protestant reformation, Civil Rights Movement, 60th Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution, Cuban Revolution, Arab Spring, etc.)

• Civic Virtues and Democratic Citizenship (Questions of Civility, Solidarity, Justice, etc.)

• Ethical dimensions of Truth and Post-Truth: Interreligious Perspectives (focusing on valuations and judgments as well as the relationship of economic and political factors in the pursuit of knowledge)

• American Political Economy and the Politics of Producing Vulnerable Populations (i.e., how social sciences both mark and measure vulnerability and how that informs different religious/moral traditions in ethics) Co-Sponsored with Religion and Social Sciences Unit

• Race Relations in context of Boston (i.e. events, figures, persisting problems that focus on the question of Race) Co-sponsored with Theology of Martin Luther King Jr., Unit

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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