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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Gay Men and Religion Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

The Gay Men and Religion Unit:

• Provides scholarly reflection and writing on the intersections of gay male experience, including sexual experiences, with religious traditions and spiritual practices
• Fosters ongoing contributions by gay men to religious scholarship in all its forms
• Critically challenges homophobic scholarship and religious teaching, on the one hand, and aspects of the LGBTQI equality movement that promote assimilation and normalization, on the other
• Engages a variety of theoretical and political discourses, which critique essentialist notions of gay male identity
• Promotes recognition of the diversity of men-who-have-sex-with-men across time and throughout the world and investigates both the common and the particular among such persons—including their discourses around sexuality and around religion.

Call for Papers: 

The Gay Men and Religion Group invite paper proposals that address the following questions/themes:

● Scripting Gay Identity from Sacred Texts, Traditions, Philosophies, and Rituals -
We invite papers that explore the scripting and formation of gay male identities from sacred texts, religious traditions, and various philosophies and rituals. We invite papers that respond to the following sub-questions:

○ How do gay men script themselves via sacred texts, sacred/religious traditions as well as various philosophies and rituals?
○ How do people within religious traditions use religion to script gay male identities?
○ How do gay men attempt to find themselves in those texts and traditions?

● Male Homoeroticism and Damnation - 
We invite papers that examine eschatological warnings, karmic punishments and visions of gay male eroticism in religious eschatologies.

● Does gay identity still contribute meaningful insight into religious practice and study?
 We invite papers that explore the contributions of gay male identity as insight into religious practices and intellectual reflection.

● Homonormativity and the Church: Naming and Resisting Assimilation as Gay Men - 
We invite papers that explore the role of the church in perpetuating and/or critiquing homonormativity.

● A panel to celebrate (1) the 25th anniversary of Daniel Helminiak’s What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality (1994); and (2) to commemorate Robert Wood as the author of Christ and the Homosexual (1960), who died on 19 August 2018 at the age of 95.

Co-sponsored panel with Religion, Memory, and History Unit and North American Religions Unit - 
We invite papers that explore queer memory, including narratives of coming out and transition and memorialization of trauma, such as the AIDS crisis.

● Potential co-sponsored panel with Religion and Sexuality and the African Association for the Study of Religions - 
We welcome papers engaging with Adriaan van Klinken’s Kenyan, Christian, Queer: Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa (to be published by Penn State University Press, 2019). Relevant papers may be included in a potential co-sponsored book panel session with the Gay Men and Religion Unit and the African Association for the Study of Religions.

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection
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