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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Graduate Student Committee

Call for Papers: 

We invite papers on the following topic:

• The World Needs Us: Serving the Public Sphere Through the Study of Religion
The world needs us. Within increasingly polemical, insular, and sometimes hostile public conversations, scholars of religion offer vital insights and interrogations into the issues that touch the heart of political and public discourse: the value and freedom of the human person, the extent of human responsibility to the natural world, the place of religious belief within political bodies, the ethical responsibility to give voice to the marginalized and oppressed, etc. In this forum, a panel of scholars will explore the many ways to serve the public sphere through the study of religion. What is the place of the religious scholar within public discourse around hot-button issues, civic and political life, etc.? The Graduate Student Committee invites proposals that reflect on experiences or potential avenues for scholars of religion to serve the public sphere. Please send proposals of no more than 200 words, plus CV to Rachel Toombs at This forum proposal does not count toward the two-proposal submission limit with the PAPERS system.

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