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Boston, MA
November 18-21, 2017

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Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit seeks to provide an avenue for a comprehensive conversation on both Lutheran history and thought in the global context. In so doing, it is able to draw on an immensely rich tradition that goes far beyond Lutheran parochial interests as it includes the relationship to other Christian traditions as well as cultures in the global South.

Call for Papers: 

Reformation: Repentance and Resistance
The Protestant Reformation movement was set in motion with a document, the 95 theses, that opens with a call to repentance and is followed by claims of how to resist the most powerful institutional force of the time. With the understanding of grace as a gift, and liberty as the response to it, repentance took the shape of resistance to the luring effects of the ordering of life in different dimensions. In the household and the economy, in politics and the church, forces of oppression, domination, marginalization, and exclusion where identified, named, and condemned. In connection with the remembrance of the emergence of the Reformation movements, the Martin Luther and the Global Lutheran Traditions Unit invites scholars to submit proposals that identify the present significance of repentance and the different dimensions that resistance takes as expression of this repentance. We welcome proposals that explore themes connecting the Reformation and Luther scholarship with theological treatment of the reasons and forms for repentance and resistance in the present reality. Papers addressing the reformation urgencies of our day - similar in pertinence as were those of the Reformation days – could focus on issues, among others, pertaining to migration, race and gender violence, imperialism, poverty, renewed forms of colonialism, political populism, hate talk, etc.

the normal online system for submitting proposal
Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
This system worked well and the decision making was fair and smooth, using numbers, and also the chairs being able to see the names was important in facilitating decision making in securing a balanced composition of the presenters, to include senior scholars as well as students. The numeric evaluation was most important.
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