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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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North American Hinduism Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit was established in 2006 for the purpose of drawing greater scholarly attention to Hinduisms outside of South Asia. Though it will focus on North America, the Unit also welcomes relevant research on Hinduisms in other non-Indian contexts. The Unit has three main goals:

• To study and describe Hinduisms in North America and related diaspora contexts
• To develop a more sophisticated understanding of what distinguishes these Hinduisms from those in South Asia
• To nurture thoughtful debate on the methodologies unique to and appropriate for their study

Call for Papers: 

The North American Hinduism Unit explores the practice of Hindu traditions in the Americas and transnationally. For the 2019 Annual Meeting, we invite proposals on the following topics. We welcome individual paper submissions, but strongly encourage full panel proposals that note connections between individual papers around a common theme, set of questions, methods of inquiry or theories. If you would like are interested in any of the topics below or would like additional information, please contact the Steering Committee members listed beside each topic.

Sensing the Sacred: Africana and Hindu Religious Engagements with the Sensual World -
Presentations for this session might include comparative approaches to African diaspora and Hindu ritual practices in North America and the Caribbean, especially vis-à-vis sensory experience – touch, taste, movement, visual aesthetics, and smell. Discussions of food as well as the ritual use of spit are appropriate, as are examinations of Hindu spiritualities in the African diaspora and challenges to anti-Black racism in Hindu spaces. We are co-sponsoring this session with the North American Hinduism Unit. This session is a ROUNDTABLE and not a panel with formal papers. Please submit proposals for brief presentations (5-7 minutes); presentations will be followed by extended discussion among roundtable participants and the gathered audience.

● North American Hinduism and African Diaspora Traditions: Interactions and Exchange, Sailaja Krishnamurti - (Co-sponsorship with the African Diaspora Religions Unit)

● Comparative approaches to Hindu and African diaspora religions in North America

● Hindu spiritualities in the African diaspora

● Syncretic religious practices in the Caribbean

● Challenging anti-Black racism in Hindu spaces

● Bodies, Gender, and Agency as Expressed, Constructed, and Reimagined by Hindu Traditions in North America, Shana Sippy - -

○ Performance traditions
○ Gender and ritual in domestic and public spaces
○ Children and the Transmission of Tradition: Questions of Power and Agency
○ Sites and Expressions of Hindu Creativity and Constraint

● Sexualities and Queer Identities among Hindus in Diaspora, Tanisha Ramachandran - -

○ Hindu rituals in queer spaces
○ Coming out: challenges and acceptance in families and communities
○ Conservative and progressive community responses to queer Hindus
○ Theological and textual arguments for queer liberation

● Pedagogy and Methodology: Sharing and Evaluating Effective Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching Hindu Traditions in the Americas, Prea Persaud

○ Engaging students with lived Hindu traditions
○ New pedagogical strategies in the space of digital humanities theories and methods

● Navarātri in Transnational Hinduism, Bhakti Mamtora – (Co-sponsorship with the Navarātri Seminar)

The NAH Unit especially solicits roundtables and other panel formats that resist the formal reading of papers and invite discussion, collaboration, and creativity.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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