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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Religion, Affect, and Emotion Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit provides space for theoretically-informed discussion of the relationship between religion, affect, and emotion. The Unit serves as a meeting point for conversations on the affective, noncognitive, and passional dimensions of religion coming from diverse fields, including anthropology, comparative religion, psychology, decolonial theory, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, philosophy, and theology. Proposals drawing on these theoretical resources to examine specific religious traditions, shifting historical understandings of religion and affect/emotion, comparative work that looks at affective forms across traditions, and broader theoretical reflections are all welcome.

Call for Papers: 

Future Loss, Future Hope
Futures loom or beckon, and pulse with affective charge in the now. How do the oncoming collapses of planetary ecosystems, climate stability, and the privilege of comfort and safety reverberate affectively in religious lives, ideas and communities? What are the affects that attend and bear the future and its approach(es)? What are the affects of the future or the affects of a future as always already present? Dystopia/ utopia/ apocalypse/Afro-pessimism/capitalism/ecology/death/ and the affects of religious climate activism

The Affects of Knowledge Production
What are the affective norms of the guild, conference networking without a net, posing/posturing? How is the erotic life of scholarship translated into scholarship? What are the feeling(s) of critique, knowledge capture, the thrill of the kill, and intellectual lure? What are the affective contours of "living speech" versus deadening lecture? How are the relations of passions and cognitive endeavors religiously construed? cognitive science/reason/sexuality/ancient philosophy

The Affective Life of Sense-making, Truth, and Persuasion in an Age of Alternative Facts
rhetoric/negotiation/critical theory/social conflict/outrage/adamancy

Affect and Devices
What are the religious affects of absorption, addiction, obsession, and social mobilization in our pockets? social media/technology/visual and virtual culture/practices of attention

Co-sponsored Book Session with Ancient Fiction on Maia Kotrosits' Rethinking Early Christianity: Affect, Violence, and Belonging - Book Panel - Robert, we are going to invite panelists; i'm not sure how this reads on the CfP

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