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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Religion and Migration Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit is a forum in which scholars working on religion and migration from multiple perspectives can interact across methodologies, religious traditions, and regions. We solicit papers addressing the religious practices, experiences, needs, and beliefs of migrating peoples who adapt to new environments and impact their societies of origin and destination. We understand religion and migration broadly, from the religious communities of rural migrants in regional cities to the new understandings of religion that second-generation children construct in order to make sense of their ethnic identities or ethical responses of receiving communities. If you are interested in furthering the discussion on religion and migration, please join the AAR Religion and Migration Group on Facebook or contact Rubina Ramji,

Call for Papers: 

The Religion and Migration Unit seeks individual paper proposals and session proposals (presider, 3 presenters, respondent) for the 2019 Annual Meeting to be held in San Diego, California related to the following themes:

● Diaspora and Transnational Religious Practices

● Immigration, Intersectionalities, and Identity

● Im/migration and Identity Formation of Second- and Third-Generations (including identity construction, maintenance or conversion in the diaspora)

● The Ambiguous Role of Religion in Migration (Empowering or Alienating?)

● Religion, Migration, and Secularism

We also invite submissions for possible co-sponsored sessions with:

● The Class, Religion and Theology Unit: We invite papers for a co-sponsored session that explores the nexus of religion and migrant work and/or colonial labor. Focus will be on how central a role work/labor plays both as a driver of migration and as a core apparatus of colonial exploitation.

● The Law, Religion, and Culture Unit: We invite papers for a co-sponsored session on the topic of borderlands and immigration, including examinations of sanctuary cases and cases involving religious exemptions for aiding migrants (such as United States v. Warren).

● Tibetan and Himalayan Religions: Place, Displacement, and Resettlement, Christie Kilby ( - 
Focused on place and movement, this theme may include papers on place-making ritual and narrative life in Tibetan communities, religious dimensions of (voluntary and involuntary) migration, mobile religious institutions, and
contemporary forced settlement of nomadic Tibetans in the PRC.

The Religion, Social Conflicts, and Peace Unit: We invite papers on the topic and intersection of militarized borders, migration policies, and religion: between authorizing ideologies of exclusion and practices of compassion and hospitality.

Finally, we offer an open call for any other topics dealing with religion and migration, especially proposals that address theoretical and methodological issues in the field of migration in relation to religious studies.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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