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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Ricoeur Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

The purpose of this Unit is to promote the work of Paul Ricoeur within the broad fields of theology and religious studies. We believe that Paul Ricoeur, as a dialogue partner, has continued relevance to the manifold disciplines that constitute the AAR. Yet more than a Unit dedicated to the study of a particular scholar’s work — as a form of academic fandom — this Unit seeks to build up and creatively utilize Ricoeur’s work in a way that enriches a wide range of theological and religious subdisciplines.

Call for Papers: 

The Just University: Paul Ricoeur and the Hope of Higher Education

Given the changing landscape of Higher Education, we will be exploring the manifold ways Paul Ricoeur's work provides hopeful insight and necessary provocation into the task and mission of the modern university. We are seeking diverse and interdisciplinary scholars seeking to contribute to this vital panel in one of four areas. Selected papers will focus on at least one of the following areas and also be considered for publication alongside other established scholars in an edited monograph currently under review with Lexington Press in the Studies in Paul Ricoeur series:

● The Just Pedagogy: How We Teach -
We seek papers reflecting Ricoeur’s work about the development of the self, from Fallible Man to Oneself as Another and how a robust understanding of the hermeneutics of the self provides a resource for just pedagogy in the classroom.

● The Just Curriculum: What We Teach -
We seek papers reflecting Ricoeur’s work concerning critical thinking ranging from Interpretation Theory to some of the essays in Figuring the Sacred. We would welcome papers that explore how Ricoeur could be taught as content as well as a frame from which to approach content (especially skills based outcomes such as critical thinking, interpretation, writing, acting).

● The Just Profession: Why Do We Teach? -
We seek papers drawing from Ricoeur’s essays from the middle period of his scholarship —from his reflections on justice to Memory, History, Forgetting, and/or some of his thinking in his work on Ideology and Utopia. Papers in this section will contextualize the motive behind the instructional task in terms of how higher education works in the spaces beyond the classroom.

● The Just University: Where We Teach -
We seek papers in this section that likely involve similar essays mentioned above, just deployed in terms of thinking about the mechanism of a university system increasingly measured by standards of instrumental reason rather than meditative thought.

Our hope is that papers will incorporate the following elements:

● A subjective reflection on a text or experience that symbolizes the question that frames the question motivating your essay, perhaps one that suggests a problem confronting higher education today.

● Detailed work through at least one of Ricoeur’s texts to model his way of approaching problems or issues.

● A synthesis of your diagnosis of the problem and Ricoeur’s work that models how his work allows for pragmatic actions in general, and for solutions to issues in higher education in particular.

● A note of hope involving the shape of the university and ways that its contributions will help to invite a more just future world.

We also seek papers for the following co-sponsored session:

Literature of Virtues (potential co-sponsorship with the Arts, Literature, and Religion Unit) Contact person: Ben Brazil

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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