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AAR Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
November 17-20, 2018

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Space, Place, and Religion Unit

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit is a forum for exploring religious sites and the spatial dimensions of religions. We feature ethnographically-informed studies of living sites, historically-informed studies of texts and artifacts, and analyses of architecture and landscape. Our work seeks to shed light on the role of space and place in religious traditions and communities or to examine religious activity (performance, ritual, and practice) in spatial contexts.

This Unit recognizes that spaces and places, real and imagined/visionary, are constitutive elements in religious life; it is dedicated to investigating how they contribute to contemplative, ritualistic, artistic, economic, ethnic, or political aspects of religious life using a variety of approaches and methods. We expect to include at least one session focused on spaces and places in Asia, in addition to sessions focused on other themes, regions, traditions or advancing the theoretical analysis of space and place.

Call for Papers: 

We welcome individual papers, papers sessions, and roundtable proposals for topics exploring space and place as they relate to religion. We are particularly interested in papers and sessions that employ theoretically or methodologically self-conscious and innovative approaches to understanding space as it relates to, conditions, and constitutes aspects of religious life including: belief, ritual, meaning, aesthetics, and experience. We also welcome ethnographically-informed studies of sites and historically-informed studies of texts that shed light on the role of space and location in religious traditions. We desire to have one session focusing on religious spaces in Asia. This year we particularly interested in sessions on the following topics:

• Soundscapes, Place, and Religion
What is the role of sound in the making of religious space?

• Religion, Ecology, and Place
Papers or panel proposals on the role of religious traditions in place-based ecological actions or campaigns, especially regarding extractive industries. For a joint session with the Space, Place, and Religion Unit and the Religion and Ecology Unit.

• The Repurposing of Space/Historical Layering across a Space

• Author-Meets-Critics Book Panel Examining an Important Work on Space, Place and Religion
(Be sure to contact the author and "critics" to confirm interest and availability)
Proposals of complete sessions on other topics will be considered.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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