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A Theory of Personality: Buddha Nature

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“The future of Buddhism in the West lies in meditational therapies.” Robert Thurman

As a system, Buddhism can be seen through many lenses. Through one lens, Buddhism can be understood as a system of education. This education involves igniting inner wisdom and focusing it on the causes of suffering. Buddhist practice then provides a series of ladders that help people climb out of their suffering. It also helps people understand how the process of transforming their suffering can become a source of wisdom.

In traditional Buddhist contexts, this process is primarily an internal, more or less solitary voyage where the student is supported by texts and practice instruction. This approach has its limits in the modern Western environment where the deleterious effects of psychological isolation have become so epidemic. As people become more and more isolated in their suffering it becomes more and more difficult for them to find their way out of it.  For this reason, Depth Hypnosis brings the educational process of Buddhism into a therapeutic environment which is highly interactive in even In deeply internal spaces.

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In this presentation, Isa Gucciardi PhD will discuss how Depth Hypnosis, a clinical transformational process, adapts Buddhist forms of education into the therapeutic environment. She will show how the application of this adaptation can help people suffering from a wide range of imbalances from phobias  to autoimmune dysfunction. She will demonstrate how Depth Hypnosis helps clients form a therapeutic bond with their Buddha nature that provides insights as they are deeply supported in uncovering the roots of their suffering using the Four Noble Truths as a diagnostic tool.