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AAR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
November 23-26, 2019

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Religion and Media Workshop
Theme: Techno-Utopias
Unregistered Participant, Presiding

The Religion and Media Workshop is a day-long seminar designed to foster collaborative conversations on the study of religion, media, and culture. This year’s workshop will explore the concept of techno-utopias. In our global world, we are becoming increasingly accustomed to rampant social mediascapes and to a steady supply of new home, personal, and work technologies engineered to save us time, increase productivity, and reduce depression. Scholars also are aware that the lived context for these mediated technologies includes proto-fascism and looming environmental collapse. Since humanists have joined the wave of techno-utopians seeking to engage and repair the world through mediated technologies, this Workshop asks whose utopia is in view. To attend to this question, we will ask about the roles of privilege and power, materiality and immateriality, and the shifting negotiations of bodies, identity, and imagination.

The cost of the workshop is $55 and includes a full session, coffee and lunch. To participate, select this workshop when registering for the Annual Meeting. If you have already registered for the Annual Meeting, you may contact to reserve a space in this workshop.

Unregistered Participant