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Buddhism Unit and Buddhist Philosophy Unit

Call for Proposals

Buddhists Count—Contact: Alex Hsu (University of Notre Dame):
Possible co-sponsorship with the Buddhist Unit and the Buddhist Philosophy Unit. Buddhist literatures of every genre are rife with numbers. Buddhists count elements, arguments, sects, steps in a ritual, breaths, precepts, scriptures, beads, worlds, beings, distance, and the passage of time in the tens and thousands, or sometimes items are "beyond measure." Why do they do this? What units do they use? What happens when the numbers don't add up, or multiple witnesses offer differing accounts? Are there quintessentially Buddhist ways of enumerating, measuring, or scaling things? What mathematical skills do Buddhist texts cultivate in their readers? What facilities with numbers do Buddhist institutions presume of their members? And what, if anything, should scholars of Buddhism be counting next? Historical, philological, literary, philosophical, ethnographic, social-theoretical approaches all welcome.



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Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection