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Class, Religion, and Theology Unit, Feminist Theory and Religious Reflection Unit, Religion and Sexuality Unit, and Women and Religion Unit

Call for Proposals

We seek papers that thematize reproductive labor, which encompasses both biological and social reproduction, in both past and present contexts. We welcome papers that help define and/or queer reproductive labor in multifaceted yet clear ways and show how it interlocks classed, gendered, raced, sexualized, and many other inequalities. Some possible points of focus include but are not limited to  

  • recent theorizations and analyses of reproductive labor in feminist/queer studies 
  • how capitalism intertwines the exploitation of reproductive labor and productive labor 
  • COVID-19 as a crisis of reproductive labor and/or essential labor as reproductive labor 
  • debt, poverty, and reproductive labor; enslaved or coerced reproductive practices (including obstetric violence/birth injustice) 
  • reproductive labor as religious practice (or vice-versa); religious regulation of reproductive labor 
  • connections between theories and practices of reproductive decision-making and religious, racial, and/or nationalist ideologies; relationships between the exploitation of reproductive labor and the restriction of reproductive freedom 
  • practices and ethics of surrogacy or sex work. 



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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members