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COSPONSORED SESSION: International Development and Religion Unit and Religions, Social Conflict, and Peace Unit

Call for Proposals

Possible co-sponsored panel between International Development and Religion unit and Religions, Social Conflict, and Peace Unit:
Faith in the humanitarianism-development-peace nexus
An outcome from the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) was the 'New Way of Working' (NWoW), which means that humanitarian, development and peace actors are recommended to work together (the 'triple nexus') ‘to capitalize on the comparative advantages of each sector to reduce need, risk and vulnerability…in accordance with the 2030 SDG agenda’ (Relief Web, no date). The NWoW recognises that although humanitarian, development and peacebuilding are different activities, they are fundamentally linked and organisations focusing on one or more of these should adopt a combined approach to programming (Oxfam 2019). While this is gaining traction in practice and academia, to date the role that religion and faith actors play has been largely overlooked. There is little focus on religion and faith actors in literature on the NWoW despite evidence that local peacebuilding, development and humanitarian actors, including those that are faith-based, often naturally adopt an integrated approach, but are hampered by a siloed approach to these activities, bolstered by conventions around how donor funds can be used. This panel is interested in papers that explore the ways that faith actors, from international faith-based organisations to local faith actors, approach the humanitarianism-development-peace nexus, the barriers they face and what needs to be done in order to overcome them.



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