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COSPONSORED SESSION: Native Traditions of the Americas Unit and North American Religions Unit and Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Unit and Women and Religion Unit

Call for Proposals

For a possible quad-sponsorship with the Native Traditions of the Americas Unit, the Women and Religion Unit, the Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Unit, and the North American Religions Unit, we invite proposals that interrogate the role of both religious history and myth in producing and sustaining Indigenous erasure and genocide. We particularly encourage proposals that consider history and myth of the Mayflower, including commemorations like Mayflower 400, in relation to the destruction of the Native Wampanoag Peoples, and the disruption of the Wampanoag matrilineal line. We also invite proposals that further explore the impact of settler colonialism in and beyond the United States, especially those that analyze religion in relation to the genocide of indigenous peoples from a gender perspective in the North American context, including North America in relation to other contexts affected by European settler colonialism (i.e., Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands). Proposals that interrogate the widespread killings and disappearance of indigenous women and girls as a form of genocide (e.g., the June 2019 Canadian National Inquiry) are welcome.



Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection