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COSPONSORED SESSION: Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Unit, and Religion, Memory, History Unit, and Ritual Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

Memorializing Oppression and Resistance
For a possible triad session with the Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Unit, Religion, Memory, and History Unit, and Ritual Studies Unit. In 2020 a new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. is due to be unveiled in Boston Common, located at one end of the "Freedom Trail" established in the 1950s along a line of sites associated with American independence and national ideals. It is not the first memorial added to the trail’s narrative, with the New England Holocaust Memorial erected in 1995 close to Faneuil Hall and the site of the Boston Massacre. With an eye to this evolving memorial landscape, we invite proposals that analyze the memorialization of oppression and resistance, with relevant topics including: the use of religious symbolism and tradition at memorial locations; memorial sites as mediators of sacred and transformative experience; memorial sites as centers of pilgrimage and ritual; and the intersections among historical contestation, politics, and the religious dimensions of the sites.



Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection