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Graduate Student Committee - Student Lounge Roundtable

Call for Proposals

Student Lounge Roundtable Call for Proposals

The Student Lounge Roundtable Series (SLRS) consists of a series of roundtable conversations/workshops dedicated to the professional development and current needs of graduate students. These roundtable conversations/workshops are meant to encourage dialogue, learning, and collaboration that allow graduate students to engage with the various topics in a collegial setting. Rather than being traditional conference presentations, the SLRS workshops are meant to stimulate discussion and learning over a particular area of focus. The Graduate Student Committee sponsors this series. The workshops are led by graduate students, professors, and other professionals with relevant expertise to offer.

The Graduate Student Committee invites scholars of religion to share their hard-earned wisdom in the Student Lounge Roundtable Series. We are looking for individuals who will be responsible for leading a conversation or workshop (60–90 minutes) about a topic of practical interest to student members. A variety of formats are welcome. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Publicly-engaged scholarship
  • Activism and the academy
  • Online resources and computer programs to aid research, writing, or teaching
  • Managing a specific stage of graduate school (courses, exams, thesis, ABD, etc.)
  • Research project design or methods
  • Balancing graduate school with other dimensions of life and identity
  • Coping with the mental and emotional pressures of graduate school and/or the job search
  • Strategies for thriving as a member of an underrepresented community in the academy
  • Creating or managing an online presence (websites, blogging, online portfolios, etc.)
  • Job market (applications, interviews, etc.)
  • Careers outside of the academy
  • Publishing (open access vs. peer review; alternative forms of publishing, etc.)
  • Teaching (activities, online, technology, controversial issues, etc.)
  • Networking
  • Grant-writing
  • CV writing

Please note: Submissions to the SLRS do NOT count toward the two-proposal submission limit within the PAPERS system.

Please send a brief proposal (~150 words) and a CV to Devin Burns ( by March 14, 2023 and indicate if you are willing to co-present if your topic aligns with another proposal. Roundtable time slots are flexible. If accepted, please be prepared to create a short video to be used by the GSC for publicity purposes prior to the annual conference.


Steering Committee Members


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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times