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Catástrofe, Esperanza, y Lucha: Puerto Rico a Cinco Años de María y el Plan Promesa (Catastrophe, Hope, and Struggle: Puerto Rico after Five Years Since Hurricane María and the Promesa Legislation)

In the five years since hurricanes Irma and María struck the island of Puerto Rico - adding significantly to existing economic, environmental, political, energetic, and educational vulnerabilities - the island, its residents, and Puerto Ricans in the diaspora have resisted wave after wave of catastrophes. These include government malfeasance and misogyny in the recovery efforts after María (revealed in private chats leading to the protests of El Verano del ’19), the ongoing crises of feminicide and gender violence, the vise-like hold by the Fiscal Oversight Board on all levels of education, a string of earthquakes that revealed once again the deep socio-economic divide product of colonization, and the impact of the global Covid pandemic. Amidst these catastrophes, the last five years have been marked by resistance from diverse actors on the island including women’s collectives, student groups, and everyday citizens outraged at the handling of these catastrophes and the disrespect of the Fiscal Oversight Board; rebuilding by mutual aid societies among the most marginalized and collaborations of scholars offering their specialization toward community empowerment (such as energy and water independence); and visioning for a future free from the various forms of colonialism still felt on the island, gender violence, and political ineptitude, toward a future that opens spaces for authentic Puerto Rican responses to the many current challenges, and those on the horizon.



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