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Men, Masculinities, and Religion Unit and Roman Catholic Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

Catholic Men and Masculinities –
A joint session of the Roman Catholic Studies Unit and the Men, Masculinities, and Religion Unit invite historical and ethnographic papers that explore gender, masculinities, and the making of men in Catholic spaces. We seek papers that think explicitly about the processes of Catholic formation, power, materiality, and gender together to examine the lives of clerics, priests, seminarians, and lay men. We especially invite papers that explore transnational and global Catholic masculinities and papers on the following topics:
• sexual abuse, masculinity, and power
• clerical masculinities and the lives of priests
• masculinities in/and seminarians
• the materiality of Catholic masculinities (vestments, costumes, objects, rituals, devotions)
• lives of lay men (religious organizations, ritual, parish life, masculinities, and the family)
• the practice of gay, queer, trans, non-binary Catholics.



Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection