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Origen and Origen Reception Seminar

Call for Proposals

The Origen and Origen Reception Seminar is seeking papers for the 2020 session that explore the theological thought of Origen of Alexandria and its reception. Papers should focus in particular on areas of tension or development within Origen’s thought and writings. The seminar also invites papers that explore the reception of Origen’s theology in later traditions. Papers that contribute to a nuanced understanding of Origen’s sometimes paradoxical theological endeavors and their reception are preferred.

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Origen and Origen Reception seminar is to foster focused discussion about central themes in Origen’s thinking and about the reception thereof. The seminar will include all aspects of Origen' thinking such as theology, philosophy, history, exegesis, and philology. The seminar is particularly interested in the reception of Origen of Alexandria’s thinking in various times and places. Each session of the seminar will thus focus on a specific aspect of his thought and its reception in later traditions.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members

Review Process Comments

This worked well. Even I as chair did not look at the names before in the last part of the process to secure balance in gender, seniority etc.