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Religion, Attire, and Adornment in North America Seminar

Call for Proposals

For 2021, the Religion, Attire, and Adornment Seminar will hold two panels deferred from 2020. Presenters for both sessions are already scheduled.
Session 1: "Dialogue with the Author" session on Lynn Neal's Religion in Vogue: Christianity and Fashion in America (NYU, 2019).
Session 2: Method and Theory for the study of Religion, Attire, and Adornment.

Statement of Purpose

Focusing on the North American context, this seminar explores specific instances of religion, attire, and adornment, as well as theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of religion and dress. Religion and dress includes a wide range of expressions, including not only clothing but all forms of bodily adornment: hairstyle, jewelry, cosmetics, scents, bathing, tattooing, and more. Many religions prescribe and proscribe various forms of dress in both sacred and secular settings, but beyond basic questions of who, what, and why that are prompted by such religious rules, this seminar is especially interested in exploring connections between religious dress and meaning-making. We also seek to move beyond dress as merely a sign or communicator of meaning to attend to the materiality of dress itself, and the ways it shapes bodies and selves. All scholars are invited to contact the chair to express interest in participating in the seminar.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times