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Theology and Continental Philosophy Unit

Call for Proposals

The Theology and Continental Philosophy Unit invites individual paper proposals, panel proposals, and roundtables on any of the following topics (if you would like to submit proposals for topics not on this list, we will consider all proposals). We also encourage proposals to combine aspects of the topics listed below:


  • The Anarchist Turn: Recent work by James Martel, Catherine Malabou, Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin and others in relation to questions of religion
  • engagements with the work of Gil Anidjar 
  • the non-philosophy of François Laruelle and questions of religion
  • Queer philosophy of religion: questions of methodology, social reproduction, moral panics, and queer philosophy of religion beyond apologetics
  • Contemporary engagements with and mutations of medieval philosophy and theology
  • recent work on political theology and the katechon

Statement of Purpose

This Unit seeks to further discussions at the intersection of post-Kantian philosophy in its various permutations with historical and contemporary theological reflection. While we remain centered on continental European thought (even beyond the borders of the continent) on the philosophical side, the term “theology” in our parlance extends to critical reflection on a range of religions worldwide, and we are particularly interested to expand our offerings in Judaism, Islam, and marginalized traditions (such as witchcraft) in coming years. Contact the Program Unit Chairs if you seek further information on the Unit’s activities.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection