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Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture Unit

Call for Proposals

The Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture Unit seeks papers or a panel proposal regarding 2 Themes:

  1. Tillich and the religiously disaffiliated (i.e. “the nones)
    What aspects of Tillich’s thought resonate with the religiously disaffiliated? How might Tillich be utilized as a resource in constructing a sense of meaning and purpose in life or sense of spirituality among the religiously disaffiliated? Especially welcome are papers and panels that include religiously disaffiliated students, (undergraduate or graduate) as co-presenters, describing their own experience of encountering Tillich in the classroom, with mentored reflection by their teacher. ("Religiously disaffiliated" includes students who have rejected denominationalism, students who identify as spiritual but not religious, and students who identify as atheist or agnostic).

  2. Tillich and Health
    Is health merely the absence of disease? Tillich engaged the idea of health with respect to such diverse topics as the health of the nation and society, mental health, illness, and depth psychology, among others. His engagements with contemporary psychologists and psychotherapists are well-known but perhaps inadequately explored. We invite papers that use Tillich's work and method to engage the topic of health broadly. We are particularly interested in papers that engage the topics of mental health and illness, psychology, and disability.

Statement of Purpose

This Unit fosters scholarship and scholarly exchanges which analyze, criticize, and interpret the thought or impact of Paul Tillich (1886–1965) and that use his thought — or use revisions of or reactions against his thought — to deal with contemporary issues in theology, religion, ethics, or the political, social, psychotherapeutic, scientific, or artistic spheres of human culture. We cooperate with the North American Paul Tillich Society (a Related Scholarly Organization of the AAR), which is linked with the German, French, and other Tillich societies. Papers at our sessions are published in the Society’s quarterly Bulletin without prejudice to their concurrent publication.


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Review Process

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