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Academic Labor and Contingent Faculty Committee

Call for Proposals

Co-sponsored session with the Class, Religion, and Theology Unit

We invite proposals that address any aspect of the structure of academic labor or the experiences of contingent faculty, within the discipline of religious and theological studies or in the humanities/academy more broadly. We are especially interested in papers that 

  • explore the various forms that contingent academic labor takes and the different experiences of economic precarity and institutional and/or guild status they entail; or 
  • name and confront (income, power, recognition, or other) barriers to solidarity between contingent and tenured/tenure-eligible faculty and/or between faculty and other higher ed laborers and explore possibilities of fomenting solidarity.  

Statement of Purpose

The Committee supports the efforts of the American Academy of Religion to address a wide range of issues connected to educational institutions’ heavy reliance on contingent faculty, including those working on a part-time basis as well as single or multi-year contracts. The Committee advocates cultural and structural change to ensure just work conditions, pay, and collective bargaining rights for contingent faculty in order to foster equity, labor justice, and the common good in the Academy. Contingent faculty chair the Committee




Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members