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African Association for the Study of Religion

Call for Proposals

The African Association for the Study of Religion is planning the following sessions:

  • An author-meet-critics book panel
  • A co-sponsored session with the African Biblical Hermeneutics Group of the SBL with the following Call for Papers:


African Oral traditions and the Bible

Jesus’ pedagogy reflected the practices of Jewish and Hellenistic oral cultures. Storytelling and ritual actions constitute powerful forms of symbolic speech that convey and connect Christian history and present practice. We invite proposals for formal papers to participate in a panel that explores the interaction between African oral traditions and Biblical interpretation.


  • A session of Desmond Tutu that likely will be co-sponsored with the Theology of Desmond Tutu group with the following Call for Papers:

In memory of the late South African Anglican Archbishop emeritus, Desmond Tutu, paper proposals are sought that reflect his passions: 

    • Creation: Recognizing our connection to and dependence on all creation - one another, creation, and the planet
    • Justice: Social, Gender, or Environmental
    • Woman leadership in the church and later non-patriarchal (LGBTQIA+)
    • Children 
    • The Church
    • Inter-faith collaboration 
    • HIV awareness, prevention, and destigmatization


Papers may employ a variety of methodologies (including but not limited to, historical, ethnographic, sociological, or theological) and may either engage Tutu’s works directly or connect the themes of his life and work to analyze other religious phenomena on the African continent. This session is a panel with formal papers. Please submit proposals for 15-minute papers.

Statement of Purpose

The African Association for the Study of Religions is an academic association of the scholars of religions posted in universities in Africa, and of scholars of the religions of Africa posted in universities outside Africa. It was founded at an IAHR (International Association for the History of Religions) conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, in September 1992 for the purpose of promoting the academic study of the religions of Africa more generally through the international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject. The AASR seeks to stimulate the academic study of religions of Africa in a variety of ways: providing a forum for multilateral communications between scholars of African religions; facilitating the exchange of resources and information; encouraging the development of linkages and research contacts between scholars and institutions in Africa, and between scholars in Africa and those overseas. The AASR also endeavors to assist scholars to publish their work and travel to professional meetings. The AASR is an affiliate of the IAHR since 1995. It meets at the IAHR quinquennial congress and organizes conferences in Africa. Its members participate in panels at conferences outside of Africa. The AASR publishes the bi-annual AASR Bulletin and maintains a web site: AASR publishes peer-reviewed an online journal that is available at




Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members