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Association of Practical Theology

Call for Proposals

The Association for Practical Theology seeks proposals sharing critical and constructive approaches to teaching practical theology in online and hybrid classrooms. In particular, we seek experienced reflection on how professional, personal, and spiritual formation can be effected in online settings. We also value attention to how the embodied, contextual, liberative, and relational aspects of teaching valued in our discipline are enacted in mediated environments.

Proposals of no more than 750 words should include the title and primary focus of your proposed presentation, a plan for how the content would be taught within the AAR context (we are working to avoid reading papers to one another), the presenter’s experience in teaching online, and the subdiscipline(s) within practical theology in which the presenter teaches.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Association of Practical Theology (APT) is to promote critical discourse that integrates theological reflection and practice. Reconstituted from its predecessor organizations in 1984, the APT was sparked by the understanding of practical theology as an integrative hermeneutical endeavor at the heart of theological education that includes critical examination of religious traditions and practices and exploration of the contributions of ministerial sub-disciplines. The APT meets annually in conjunction with the AAR and biennially for a comprehensive conference. APT meetings at the AAR draw national and international scholars from a variety of disciplines (members of APT and non-members) and the biennial meeting allows for more in depth study of specific issues and the conduct of official business. The APT posts proceedings, membership information, and other news on its website ( and welcomes new members from all areas of religious and theological study.

Steering Committee Members

  • Courtney T. Goto, Boston University
    1/1/2021 - 12/31/2026



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times