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Augustine and Augustinianisms Unit

Call for Proposals

Analyses and Therapies of Grief and Loss in Augustine 
Augustine remarked, “Our fragility is threatened every day by the accidents which never stop happening in human affairs” (s. 109.1). This theme of the fragility of human life and the accompanying matters of grief and loss arguably pervade all of his thinking. Augustine deeply grieved the successive deaths in the years preceding his ordination to the priesthood of his mother Monnica, his son Adeodatus, and his friend Nebridius. Augustine also lamented catastrophes such as the sack of Rome and any number of other eruptions of violence in his native North Africa. Papers are invited exploring the whole emotional register of grief and loss in Augustine including analytic resources he may supply or ones best applied to him, historical, philosophical and theological understandings of grief and those shaped by grief, situation specific forms of grief, and ways of caring for the grieving. The use of sermons, letters, and underread treatises is encouraged along with the use of any and all disciplines and methodologies that prove illuminating. 


Origen and Augustine in Conversation 

Papers are invited from all disciplines employing any and all contemporary methodologies for a session bringing the influential early Christian giants, Origen and Augustine, into conversation. Papers need not always compare the two, but must address one of them in a way that is timely and invites conversation with the other. Papers will be considered that explore a wide variety of topics including Augustine’s evolving perspective on Origen and Origenism, Augustine and Origen’s respective methods, theological and philosophical orientations and topics, biblical interpretation, and social contexts and teachings. 

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