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Baha’i Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

The Baha’i Studies Unit invites submissions that consider the nature and role of education in social transformation at the local, national, or global level in light of the 2021 Annual Conference Theme of “Religion, Poverty, and Inequality: Contemplating Our Collective Futures.” Education is a primary site within which the future is imagined and formed. Curricula are drafted to accomplish certain things in the world, but within the temporal horizon of years or decades. How have post-secular or religious educational modalities attempted to craft the future in ways that reiterate or transform social and economic inequality in the present? We are particularly interested in proposals that shed new understandings, arising from theory and practice, on questions of the purpose of education; the nature of social transformation required for human flourishing; the roles of actors in educational processes; the relationships between faith and reason, personal and collective transformation, and being and doing; and expanded notions of power and empowerment as they relate to educational processes and imperatives.

The Bahá'í Studies Unit is searching for papers that explore contemporary research on the Bahá'í Faith, its community, texts, and tenets. The panel will be chosen from among the best submissions and will highlight the variety of research currently being undertaken.

Statement of Purpose

The Baha'i Studies Unit explores the study of Baha'i history, theology and spiritual practices as well as how Baha'i social teachings can be applied to contemporary social problems. The Unit welcomes research about the history of the Baha'i Faith, its primary figures and texts and Baha'i communities around the world. We are also interested more broadly in the role of religion and social reform in the modern world, particularly issues relevant to Baha'i teachings concerning racial justice, gender equality, science and religion, inequality, nonviolent social change, and human interconnectedness across the globe. The Unit seeks to bring together a diversity of perspectives and traditions, and all are welcome to participate.


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