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Buddhism in the West Unit

Call for Proposals

The Buddhism in the West Unit is seeking to fill two 90-minute sessions and strongly encourages proposals for fully developed panels, roundtable discussions, or other formats focused on a single theme, question, or (group of) recent publication(s). The Unit is happy to support co-sponsorships with other Units including, but not limited to: the Buddhism Unit; the Buddhist Critical-Constructive Reflection Unit; the Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society Unit; the Religions Medicines, and Healing Unit; and the Class, Religion, and Theology Unit. 

The Unit is particularly interested in responding to the 2022 AAR Presidential Theme: Religion and Catastrophe. What is the role of the study of Buddhism in non-Asian locales in the times of climate catastrophe, globe pandemics, and political unrest? How have Buddhists and Buddhist communities responded to catastrophes both ecological and political? 

Other topics that have been suggested include:

  • Buddhism and healthcare in the West (Pierce Salguero,
  • Asian American virtual sanghas and their Buddhist response to the pandemic in North America (Xiao Han,
  • Multiple Methodologies and Disciplinary Formations in the Study of Buddhism (Ann Gleig,
  • Class in the study and practice of Buddhism outside Asia (Caroline Starkey,

Several scholars have offered to coordinate with others to develop possible topics, as indicated below. If interested in one of those topics, please contact the convener(s). Additional suggestions follow. 

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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members