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Buddhist Pedagogy Seminar

Call for Proposals

Buddhist Pedagogy Seminar welcomes papers on any aspect of pedagogy for teaching Buddhism. For our 2022 meeting, aligned with the presidential theme about religion and climate catastrophe, we particularly would like to investigate teaching about Buddhism and environmental crisis, as well as Buddhism and violence. We welcome subjects related to dispelling the common myth that Buddhism is a purely peaceful religion, including but not limited to topics about:

  • Buddhist warfare
  • Warrior-Monks
  • Buddhist nationalism
  • Buddhism and genocide

In addition, we are interested in subjects related to

  • Socially engaged Buddhism
  • Land-based learning
  • Indigenous people/ Native American communities and Buddhism
  • Ungrading in a Buddhist studies course
  • Non traditional/ alternative grading
  • Strategies to mitigate potential adverse effects during contemplation activities

For any inquires related to proposal submission, please contact Gloria Chien at

Statement of Purpose


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members