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Christian Spirituality Unit

Call for Proposals

The Christian Spirituality Program Unit is seeking proposals for papers on the following topics:

Legacy of Thomas Keating
Contemplative Education (including the book, The Soul of Higher Education)
1922 Colorado River Compact, Climate Change, and Ecological Catastrophe
Racial Justice
Emerging Forms of Christian Spirituality Outside of Traditional Models
Pilgrimage and Pandemics

Statement of Purpose

This Unit serves as a forum for scholars working in the interdisciplinary field of Christian spirituality. It is committed to the following:

• Developing, refining, and demonstrating appropriate methodologies for the academic study of spirituality.
• Exploring models for describing and facilitating interdisciplinary conversation on the nature of spirituality among religion scholars of all perspectives and religions.
• Initiating discussion in the field of global spirituality, both religious and secular.
• Articulating the connections between scholarship and spiritual practice.
• Ensuring diversity in denominational affiliation, gender, race, and ethnic backgrounds.


Steering Committee Members





Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection