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Contemporary Pagan Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

Contemporary Pagan Studies is an interdisciplinary Unit, and we welcome submissions of theoretically and analytically engaged papers and panels relating to modern Paganism, Witchcraft, Magic, and Polytheism, employing scholarly analysis to discuss the topic from any relevant methodology or theoretical orientation. In addition to receiving paper or panel proposals on topics generally in the purview of Contemporary Pagan Studies, we especially welcome proposals that address the following themes: 

  • Animism, Neo-Animism, and the Ontological Turn in contemporary Paganism, Witchcraft, and Magic 

  • New Witchcraft, intersectionality and religiosity. Topics may include Brujeria, Black Girl Magic, Queering/Queer witchcraft, Witchtok and Witches of Instagram, and how people understand witchcraft as a “religion” or not. 

  • How Pagans perceive and interact with other religions and how other religions interact with Paganism 

  • Contemporary Paganisms, lived religion, and Material Culture 

  • Critical approaches in the study of Paganism 

  • How do libraries and archives impact Contemporary Paganisms? How do archival materials inform developing practices and rhetoric around authenticity and historicity. 

Statement of Purpose

The Contemporary Pagan Studies Unit provides a place for scholars interested in pursuing research in this newly developing and interdisciplinary field and puts them in direct communication with one another in the context of a professional meeting. New scholars are welcomed and supported, while existing scholars are challenged to improve their work and deepen the level of conversation. By liaising with other AAR Program Units, the Unit creates opportunities to examine the place of Pagan religions both historically and within contemporary society and to examine how other religions may intersect with these dynamic and mutable religious communities.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members