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Daoist Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

The Daoist Studies Unit invites proposals for the AAR Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado (November 19–22, 2022). We welcome proposals for individual papers, paper sessions, and roundtables concerning any aspects of Daoism regardless of the time period, geographical area, or methodological and theoretical approach. The proposals could be either individual papers, 90-minute paper sessions (consists of 3-4 papers, a presider, and a respondent), or roundtables. 

We look forward to receiving proposals that are multi-disciplinary and border-crossing, as well as submissions that address the 2022 AAR theme, Religion and Catastrophe. As we continue to reach out to other program units and promote dialogue between different fields, we strongly encourage applications for co-sponsorship. A complete list of AAR program Units can be found at (

The Daoist Studies Unit steadfastly supports diversity and inclusivity. We require all pre-arranged sessions to incorporate a diversity of gender, race/ethnicity, seniority, sub-field, and/or methodology. We hope you can reach out to others by utilizing resources, such as the Women in the Study of Asian Religions database ( Please feel free to contact the co-chairs for assistance. 


Statement of Purpose

The Daoist Studies Unit organizes the most consistent venue in North America for sharing research on the Daoist religion. We are guided by a vision with three main goals: to reach into the vast recesses of the largely understudied Daoist tradition; to reach out in conversation with the broader American Academy of Religion, and to promote the Annual Meeting of the AAR as an international venue for sharing and vetting research by all levels of Daoism scholars. Since early 2021, the Daoist Studies Unit has also been hosting regular online presentations and workshops throughout the year under the rubric of the Global Daoist Studies Forum.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members