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Death, Dying, and Beyond Unit

Call for Proposals

We are proposing one regular session and one workshop. The Death, Dying, and Beyond Unit invites papers on the topic of “Death and Disability.” Our primary session will be a selection of papers on the intersection of death and disability, ranging from thinking about how disability shapes the dying narrative, the ways in which disability is or isn’t accounted for in the dying experience, an examination of the dominant able-bodied narrative on disability and death as one of decline rather than gain, alongside topics interrogating the understanding of death and disability from an intersectional and layered lens. 


In line with the presidential theme in 2023, the Death, Dying and Beyond Unit invites participants to a workshop on the theme of “Laboring to be Legal.” This workshop invites creative and academic explorations of different intersections of labor, death, and legality broadly interpreted and defined, including what it means to labor, live, and die as legal or illegal and the religious frameworks through which we ask these questions Presentations should be accessible, between five to ten minutes long, and should encourage audience engagement.

Statement of Purpose

This Unit was formed to address all manner of scholarly discussion relating to death. While death is the single certainty in every life, a myriad number of ways exist to study and approach it. Our aim is to provide an outlet for the scholarly discussion of all issues relating to death, the dying, the grieving, the dead, and the afterlife. We are open to all methodologies, religious traditions, and topics of inquiry.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members