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Ecclesial Practices Unit

Call for Proposals

Practicing Hope in Catastrophic Times 
We invite papers addressing variations on the question: what is the role of ecclesial bodies in the midst of catastrophes, crises, and/or traumatic events? How is hope articulated in practice that is cognizant of these material realities? Submissions that incorporate original fieldwork will be prioritized. 

Faith communities embody implicit and explicit practices that point towards an understanding of hope or a theology of hope. Hope as a theological category can be expressed by theologians within generalizing claims. How, as an ethnographer/qualitative researcher can one address the contextuality and awareness of hope as global, local, and/or regional? What are the frameworks and methodologies these communities employ to manage catastrophes? What is the theology of hope and how is it practiced, or not? What are the nuances of their practices in combination or contrast with their theology of hope? 

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