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Graduate Student Committee

Call for Proposals

Making our Home as Scholars: Creating Spaces of Hospitality within the Academy

Inspired by this year’s Presidential theme, we invite papers which explore the ways in which the academy supports, or fails to support, our scholarly lives. One aspect of support can explore the ways in which mentoring and senior scholars make and/or take space for/from junior scholars and graduate students. How and in what way(s) have mentoring and senior scholars created space, advocated for, and been pro-active in developing your scholarly, vocational, and spiritual formation?
In this forum scholars will explore the various ways in which the academy functions (or should function) as a home for us as whole persons engaged in scholarly work. We invite proposals for papers which respond to the following questions.

• How does the academy create space for new generations of scholars?
• How do marginalized scholars advocate for the creation of supportive spaces? And how has the academy responded?
• What role does hospitality play within our lives as scholars?
• What does it mean to foster a hospitable academy?
• How do scholars advocate for social changes within the academy itself?
• What obligations do we have as scholars to help foster a supportive academic community rather than simply increase scholarly output?
• How are our lives as scholars shaped by both the worlds we study and the worlds we inhabit?

We especially invite scholars to present papers in which they read their own scholarly careers as a “text” through which to illuminate issues of hospitality, community, and marginality within the academy.

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals for papers which could be presented in 10-15 minutes. We hope to make this panel not merely a conversation about hospitality in the academy, but a space which itself reflects that ideal.

Please email your proposal (~250 words) and a CV to Michael McLaughlin ( and Joseph Kim Paxton ( Please note that this proposal does not count toward the two-proposal submission limit within the PAPERS system.


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