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Indian and Chinese Religions in Dialogue Unit

Call for Proposals

Naga and Dragon Mythology in India and China

contact Gerrit Lange, 


Indigenous Feminism between India and China

contact Ting Guo and Jingjing Li, 


Funerary Rites in India and China

contact Allan Yi Ding,


Spirit Mediums in India and China

contact Allan Yi Ding,


Memory and Cultural Landscape and memorial sites in India and China

contact Leena Taneja,


Theories of Knowledge in India and China

contact Eyal Aviv


Breath, theory and practice, in India and China

contact Karen O'Brien-Kop 

Theories of knowledge in lesser known schools (for co-sponsorship with the Hindu Philosophy Unit)

Statement of Purpose

This Unit draws together scholars who study the religions of India and China in discrete or comparative frames. Given the increasing global importance of China and India in the contemporary world, this unit serves as an important forum for sustained discussion of their religio-cultural relationship in historical and modern contexts. Our panels can connect scholars working on diverse traditions, regions, and eras who otherwise might not have the opportunity to learn from each other. Interested members are encouraged to join our (low volume) email list by contacting the co-chairs.


Steering Committee Members


Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members